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CyberSexy.COM contains no "Adult" content. Limited off-site links are offered for convenience.
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Update: 12/28/2002 - We'll be moving all the kissing-related links from to and/or, and reworking with a new partner who has different development plans for the site. The site will become more "adult-oriented" dating, relationships and content. We'll be adding in image galleries, daily "Girlfriends" with weekly, monthly and annual contests, as well as more interactivity in the form of Picture-Personals and an expanded Forums area.

We have not decided if we will move the Dating/Relationships and Wedding-oriented links to another domain name or not, but we have that as a contingency plan as well.

Discuss all this in our Forums area!

Currently, there are over 2286 UNIQUE SITES to visit!

About Relationships!  (19: Links)
. Everything about interacting and getting together! Dating, Marriage, Weddings, alternative, and much more!
   About Relationships!
Advice  (128: Links)
.    Advice Misc,
   Question & Answer,
Alternative Lifestyles  (201: Links)
.    Kissing Cousins,
   Goth (Gothic)
Anger Management  (14: Links)
.    Anger Management
Chats and Forums  (42: Links)
.    Chats and Forums
Cyberrelationships  (41: Links)
.    Personal Stories,
   Virtual Wedding Chapels
Dances, Socials & Mixers  (1: Links)
.    Dances, Socials & Mixers
Directories  (60: Links)
.    Top Sites
Divorce  (23: Links)
.    Divorce
E-Zines  (17: Links)
.    E-Zines
Etiquette  (12: Links)
.    Etiquette
Flirting  (5: Links)
.    Flirting
Gifts & Shopping  (7: Links)
. New area, more sites to come!
   Gifts & Shopping
Girls Only  (1: Links)
Image Consultants  (1: Links)
. Also check out Weddings for Wedding Consultants
   Image Consultants
Kissing  (16: Links)
.    Hand kissing,
   Virtual Kisses
Light Side  (14: Links)
.    Light Side
Marriage  (99: Links)
.    Education and Enrichment,
   Extramarital Affairs,
   Marital Aids,
   Marriage Encounter
Miscellaneous  (8: Links)
.    Miscellaneous
Personal Pages  (34: Links)
.    Dedications
Personals  (699: Links)
.    900 Numbers,
   Alternative Lifestyles,
   Animal Lovers,
   BBW and BHM,
   Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian,
Questionnaires  (5: Links)
.    Questionnaires
Quotes  (8: Links)
.    Personal Collections
Romance  (67: Links)
.    Ideas and Tips,
   Poems and Cards,
   Stories and Thoughts
Teens  (2: Links)
Web Rings  (4: Links)
.    Web Rings
Weddings  (758: Links)
.    Attire and Beauty,
   Bridal Shows,
   Consultants and Coordinators,
   Destination Weddings...

The site and domain name are for for sale, serious offers only.
Other domains for sale, partnership or development.

NOTE: Entries marked DMOZ have been imported from the Open Directory Project, and have not been individually reviewed by PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. Dating & Relationships Directory opened 5/7/00, under the domain name. Girlfriends split off in Jan 2004, and this directory reopened in February of 2004, as All NEW additions will be read by a human, all sites added will be visited, and the descriptions EDITED and checked for validity and accuracy. This index is meant to be a USEFUL GUIDE TO CONTENT SITES, not an advertising vehicle for spam.   (more...)

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